The name, the mission, and the heart of my new blog.

For my first post, I would like to say that the name is composed of the Korean and Spanish names for giraffe. I felt that was appropriate as, for whatever bizarre reason, giraffes have become my favorite animal and an influencial part of my life. I have found a real and genuine friendship in Giuseppi, who is now my adopted son, and who has adjusted to North American life very nicely. He eats an awful lot of spinach, and complains about the pigs in our house, but is generally easy going and doesn’t mention the sad earlier days of his life before the adoption.

I am very thankful he has come into my life, but I’m sad that he couldn’t be free to pursue his giraffe dreams of eating and procreating and… whatever else it is that giraffes think about. Although his life has turned out well now, so many others like him have lost their homes and families. Giraffe rights in countries such as Korea and the country of South America have been so blatently overlooked that we here in the USA don’t even hear about their existance. Giraffes indigenous to Argentina, for instance, have a long history and a beautiful culture, and yet do not even have the right to vote. They are not recognized as citizens. They are not permitted to own a business. They are not granted driver’s licences. They are not able to marry legally. They are not even given lobbying rights to argue for these things.  Now that Giuseppi is with me, he has come to accept his station, but he had a lot of unresolved anger to deal with, and I honestly can’t blame him. There’s a lot to be angry about.


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  1. Caren Green Said:

    Vive la Revolution!

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