I bought a sewing machine! I am very excited to be learning to sew. My first project is this skirt option C, using the materials and trim in the picture. I am very excited. Probably a little too excited.

On a side note, I would like to say that I am disgusted that my blog pictures never seem to be crisp. I can hold my camera out the car window on a vacation and end up with pristine landscape images (and I have), but I set up the lights, haul out the tripod, and plan for half an hour, and these blog pics are never clear. Grrrr. I know that’s a defensive and self conscious thing to say, but I’ve said it.



  1. MandieBear Said:

    Ooooo…I may just have a project for you, if I can get a pattern & materials out to you! 🙂 The skirt looks like an interesting pattern! You must post pictures in progress & finished product! *hugs*

    • kirinjirafa Said:

      Hey there! send it, send it, if you can! I’m so excited by my new hobby… I would love that 😀

      I really should take some progress photos- it’s actually close to being done now.
      *hugs back*

  2. Christa Said:

    Oooh!! Cool! I just got a little sewing machine for Christmas, so I’ll be learning right along with you 🙂

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