A new piece of plush art.

I’m starting a little joint project here with a friend- inspired by the owl and the oncoming Spring season, there is now a little Twitter-esque bird in production. And darn, it’s gonna be so cute. The painting shown here was a sketch I made from which we chose the pattern/style of the project.

I added the eye to make it look complete, but I think we could just stitch that in.

The two shots of off-white cardstock paper are the pattern pieces, one of which I arranged to show roughly how the project should look. The last two pics are the fabrics we intend to use for this. I am anticipating all kinds of cuteness here.
It is ridiculously late now, and when I care again I will figure out what is creating all that space between the text on top of this post and the pictures. It’s really bugging me.

On an unrelated note, I am currently lovin’ on Burberry and this purse in particular. One of my coworkers just got it and I am seriously considering a career in handbag snatching. It’s just so cute; I love Burberry stuff and I adore Emma Watson (who doesn’t?).

Finally, I also am a huge Mystery Science Theater 3000 fan, and just found these at deviantArt, and think they are worth note.



  1. kseverny Said:

    cool project.
    sure looks like fun

  2. rhea Said:

    i love the patterns mrs g !!!!! we should start on mon !!!!!

    =) 🙂

  3. […] } { Tags: Crafty Stuff, plush art, sewing } Chirp! Tweet!Finished this today! Yay for me (us- this was a joint project). The girl who made this with me is going to keep it, and now I’m thinking I wanna make […]

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