Tears of the Giraffe

Long ago we bought this book, Tears of the Giraffe, on a whim for Giuseppi because of the giraffe on the cover. Turned out to be quite an enjoyable read, although it ultimately had very little to do with giraffes. It comes second in a set of feel-good detective stories about Botswana’s finest lady sleuth and amateur philosopher, Precious Ramotswe; and the series, unassuming though it may seem, is a joy to read. Since we found this, we have gone through the first nine of them and even watched some of the HBO productions which are every bit as good as the novels (not something a person can typically say about the film adaptation of a book). The plotline is fresh and (relatively) unpredictable and the characters endearing, but the real selling factor of the No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency is the rich local color it provides. My brother lives in South Africa and my husband and I have said for years now that when we go to visit him we will have to visit Giraffe Manor in Kenya. Since these books have come along, Botswana has joined the must-see list.

He must have read this a hundred times now.


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