Making Cool Stuff with Paper

A child I know has a paper tiger he made out of a cut-out he got from school. It’s one of those deals where you color, cut, fold, and stick the pieces together, and VOILA! Your very own paper tiger. I haven’t been able to get a copy of the pattern yet, but I want to make one! How fun! I like checking out this website, and in particular, I like this pig. Of course that means I want to make one of these too, now…

Happy April, and Happy April Fool’s Day. I read on the news today that the British tabloid The Sun announced a first-ever flavored newspaper, complete with a little box you can taste to sample the new product. Marvelous. I am not a tabloid typa person myself, but that’s pretty funny, down to the priceless sub heading “THOUSANDS of you were taken in by our unreal exclusives today — but did you spot our four April Fools?” Hee hee.


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