Day two of Making Cool Stuff with Paper

Here he is... precariously balanced, but standing on his own! This has been so fun.

Well, I actually spent a few hours and made a giraffe puzzle! Hooray for me… I think. I can’t believe how much time I just invested in this, but I’m so tickled pink about it. I’m not sure if that classifies me as a loser or a free spirit. If this weren’t so much work, I would go ahead and make a whole zoo of these things. But it’s way too much work. Maybe some other time I’ll make a few other little critters to go with the giraffe.

I have saved it into a downloadable pdf that you can get by clicking here. If you can print it on cardstock or some kind of thicker paper, it would be advisable.

Progress pics- the first prototype couldn't stand up.

There’s also a moose and a turtle you can make.

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