Origami Dog

The directions for this dog came from a website called Origami Club which is good for rainy day time-wasting fun. Lots of cute projects with clear instructions and diagrams, along with animations demonstrating many of them. You can link to the directions for the dog by clicking here, and I can say from my experience tonight that I was able to make it successfully on the first try without too much confusion. If I were to make another one, I think I would try to shorten the length of the body and bring a little of the weight toward the tail, as this guy is a bit top-heavy. I cheated and weighted his backside down with a few coins so that I could take a picture of him. Also, I tried folding the ears in different ways to make it more dog-like without having to draw the face on, since that’s also kind of cheating, but it just looked like a fox or a shovel or something. I’m not sure how that could be adjusted, but then I’m not a super serious origami type, so for my level of commitment, I’m okay with writing on it.

I did a fair amount of origami as a teenager, and recently started feeling a renewed interest in it sparked by the finding of a jewelry origami book on a Barnes & Noble’s clearance table. I have very cleverly mislaid the book, but when I find it again, boy oh boy, I will be stylin’ in my hand-made paper earrings! Until it resurfaces though, I thought I’d sharpen my folding skills a bit by making little animals. One of these days, I will make this hare and tortoise , although the difficulty level is pretty high.

On an unrelated topic, giraffes in space! This embroidery (pictured below) is awesome, as is the whole flikrgroup/website.


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