Origami Bracelet

Alrighty then! The origami jewelry book has been located, and a new piece of stylish folded paper has been brought into the world of accessories that are probably way too delicate to actually be worn (even though it probably will be worn anyway). It’s like being a kid at summer camp all over again.

This piece is basically a set of double-ended waterbombs, flattened with the triangular end of each link tucked into the center fold of the one next to it. The construction took about an hour and a half, excluding the time it took to make a few practice links first. I used 2 ½ x 3 inch cuts of paper and made the bracelet ten links long, and it turned out to be a good chunky size (1 ¼ inch wide). At the book’s advice, I ironed it flat before linking the last two units together, which was a good idea. After it was plenty flat, I curved the pieces slowly around in the direction they would need to go so that they wouldn’t break apart, and indeed they didn’t.

I use this paper cutter, and it is quite easy and relatively solid. It tends to bow slightly as I am cutting, and I have found that simply going slowly and keeping a close eye on the blade and paper seems to remedy the problem. Unfortunately, that kinda means I’m ultimately eyeing the job, which is what I want to avoid when I’m using a tool like this; nevertheless, for the cost and level of visible accuracy, this device is quite adequate (after all, I’m not designing a building or something).


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