Hape Brsday to me!

It’s my brsday! Had a great day at work, was thoroughly spoiled by all and am feeling quite loved. The kids in my class were so sweet- I have included a collage of some of the notes, cards, and coloring sheets I received. I initially intended to include a clip of each one, but then got tired of waiting on the scanner and landed on just a few. Thanks to each one of you, anyway, you little angels, you! Cute, cute stuff.

I was quite impressed by the notes actually, as they were written by four-year-olds. The princess pictures were colored and cut out by one of the little girls.

Husband got me a Cricut Expression electronic cutter and I’m just itching to hook it up and start playing with it. I told myself I’d set it up tonight, but tomorrow is kind of a big day at school (giraffe day) and I want to have time to prepare everything, so I guess the new toy will have to wait. The cake is also his doing- it’s a special one that he makes every year for my birthday; yellow cake with dulce de leche in the center and chocolate frosting to coat the outside, set off by strawberries. Yum, yum.

Glittery shoes and magic-sparkle-princess-fairy-butterfly wand. Absolute necessity for any princess' birthday. Yes, I seriously walked around in those shoes all day at work. Sometimes a princess has gotta do what a princess has gotta do.



  1. Renee Said:

    Glad you had a happy birthday. I DID TEXT YOU but I forgot to call, so sorry. That cake sounds yummy though!

    • kirinjirafa Said:


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