Paper Art

I’d like to get this book. We made a little run to Barnes this evening to look for it, but they didn’t have one in stock. Oh well; I picked up a collection of Banksy Graffiti instead and a couple boxes of vintagey-looking Valentine cards. Also I found a book about the science of music appreciation and a book about traveling through the Bible lands and I almost got a vegetarian cookbook and a couple magazines and a journal (like I really need another journal). Barnes and Nobles is a dangerous place for me. I think I’ll just get it on Amazon… I found it the other day when I was looking at Upon a Fold, a paper art blog/website from Australia, and really want it.

At the risk of reblogging, I wanna say that some the finds on this site are really worth sharing. (The carrier pigeon card… I’m seriously gonna make one.) The other day they talked about the work of architect Miyamoto- you should go check out the post– I won’t repeat it all, but here is a link to some of his other work, and these two pictures are favorites of mine.


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