The Top Ten Most Outstanding Book Titles

…that I may or may not have read in recent days
My husband and I got the idea to email each other with weird book titles the other day at work. I would like to opine that this was probably work-related on some level. I wanted to share them here, and then got the idea to add a few others that I thought also deserved attention, and from thence sprung my Top-Ten list of books that I thought of while composing this post. Hope you enjoy!

The Top Ten Most Outstanding Book Titles
that I may or may not have read in recent days

10. Extraordinary Chickens

I own this magnificent coffee table book. It has some good info, but it’s real strength, and indeed its real purpose, is the photography- can you guess the subject matter? Extraordinary chickens… Chickens are so easy to laugh at.

9. Elvis Undercover

This is also in my personal library. This woman is convinced that the King is coming back, and provides some startling evidence to support the theory… I got it for a buck to set out in a prominent place in the house for when I have company, but I’ve never actually been able to read the whole thing cover to cover. It’s just a little too much to take.

8. There Were Giants Upon the Earth: Gods, Demigods, and Human Ancestry: The Evidence of Alien DNA

The title says it all- the meaning of life is that we are all somehow descended from alien and human ancestors in such a way that all religious and philosophical points of view could just gel together as soon as we figure out our quirky family tree. Too bad he couldn’t squeeze a government conspiracy into the mix, because that would really complete the nutty picture. Well, come to think of it, he just might: I wouldn’t know, as I haven’t read the book.

7. Leadership Lessons from Star Trek

This one I have read. Not the worst advice ever, really; I first saw it at the house of a friend who said it was quite good. I just think the premise of getting your management training from Captain Picard is kinda funny, seeing as he is, um, a fictional character who doesn’t really exist.

6. The Art of Preserving the Hair on Philosophical Principles, by the Author of the Art of Improving the Voice.

In all fairness, this one probably wouldn’t be on the list had the title been anything less than what it is. This is a reprint from an 1825 guide to hair care by one Madam Voi’art, and looks perfectly ordinary otherwise… but I loved the title.

5. Teach Physics to your Dog

No clue what this is about, but my dogs have always been pretty deficient in this field. I’m sure that they would have benefited from this find.

4. The Museum of Bad Art: Masterworks

The Museum of Bad Art published this; you should visit their website. ‘Nuff said.

3. Hot Dog: A Global History

Well-researched history of the hot dog! Who doesn’t want to know a little background on the hot dog?

2. Stray Shopping Carts

I suppose you have to be predisposed to this kind of humor, but I laughed out loud when I read this title- and that picture! Ah-HA-HA-Ha!! The wild shopping cart nestles quietly in the shrubbery, watching for predators and guarding her young… Shopping carts in the mist…

1. Toilet Paper Origami

Boy, see a need and fill it! This, IMO, was the best of all these.

Not trying to ridicule anyone here, but I particularly enjoyed the words of this one review: “This book is so much fun. I’ve been leaving toilegami in restrooms all over now–restaurants, rest stops on the freeway, theatre bathrooms, friends homes. What a treat this is!”
What can I say? It’s toilet paper origami!



  1. Renee Said:

    I enjoyed the book titles and would really like to read up on the stray shopping carts (goes in the same category as stray animals for me). Don’t think I would want Buck to learn physics tho…. he is currently mastering Zen and I think there would be too much knowledge for one dog to have. The song was indeed cheery although I frown upon the reference to doing what bunnies do. You should know nothing of these things!

    • kirinjirafa Said:

      Don’t make me start editing your comments…

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