The Cupcake Thingies are DONE!

A match made in paper...

I’m so delighted to say that this project is coming to a conclusion. The graphics for my cupcake thingmajigs are done at last, and now all I have left to do is construct them. Yay! This has been fun, but I did use several different pieces of software (a total of four different programs to do this) which means, it finally ended with them being slightly grainier than I’d like. It also means that my interest has waned considerably and I no longer wish to tweak them. As they are, I am happy with the finished product. You can download and print your own by CLICKING HERE.

I put them together by cutting them out in two’s, folding them horizontally until the images lined up, and then attaching the toothpick with a non-toxic glue stick. My husband had the brilliant idea to fold a small piece of cardstock over the toothpick first to reduce the bulge in the middle of the cupcake topper, and I must say he is a smartie for this.

Also: you hafta see the “Awesome of the Day” from Paste. Michael Bolton having a good laugh at himself. Very funny!



  1. Renee Said:

    Very nice. I hope your little ones enjoyed them. I made little sailboats out of a playdoh type of cookie dough for children in my vacation Bible school class once. What I thought would delight them ended up on the floors, chairs, trash, half eaten, etc…. I was disheartened and disgusted with the little rugrats. I hope they were more appreciative of your craft!

    • kirinjirafa Said:

      oh, i have LONG since given up the hope that they will appreciate them for the amount of work that goes into them, but i do believe that some of them will be used as toys, and that will be thanks enough.

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