Imogen Heap!

I saw Imogen Heap and she was phenomenal.

Ben Christophers

Her backup was done by three supporting musicians/groups: a duo who call themselves “Geese” (Imogen told the audience she’s been trying to talk them out of the name, but they won’t budge), a soloist named Ben Christophers, and a Chicago-based accapella group called Chicago Vocal Authority.

Geese (I couldn't find a pic)

The first two have been traveling with her, but Chicago Vocal Authority performed as the winners of a YouTube competition she set up. She told us she couldn’t perform Earth live because of all the tracks needed, and thought it would be cool to have local accapella bands sing it with her. I can tell you, it is definitely cool, and they sounded great.

Someone has uploaded it to YouTube.
You can’t see her feet, but before they sang she set out a couple pieces of paper and told everyone it was the lyrics (“in case I forget- I WON’T- but just in case…”) so cute. It was sweltering, her microphone came slipping off, and her techno gadgets didn’t always seem to feel the need to cooperate, and having said that you would think the concert didn’t go very smoothly. But, oh it did.

Chicago Vocal Authority

I really feel just a little bit cooler for having been so near her- okay, that’s pushing it a bit, but she’s really cool. She put together an improvisation, key, rhythm, timing and notes chosen by the audience, and then made it available as a $1 download for a local charity (the one she chose to support for Chicago was Ceasefire, an outfit that combats gang violence). You’ll be able to see it and buy a download here (soon).
She had the audience sing along with “Just for Now,” using the arrangement above, only with the crowd doing the background vocals– very cool.

I just noticed I keep using the word “cool” in this post- well, really, it deserves to be used. Cool, cool, cool. This was cool.


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