Freddy the Pig

My own water color illustration of Freddy composing poetry in Freddy Goes to the North Pole

We are getting ready to take a road trip tomorrow, which frequently means breaking out the Freddy books. I heartily recommend them to everyone. The lovable characters and improbable storylines are quite endearing, and the tone of the writing is friendly and relaxing. They’ve actually developed a little cult following- the Friends of Freddy. I’ve never joined them, although my husband and I have seriously considered it. These books are a bit addictive. Here are a few highlights of the set:

  • The books are a series, but not necessarily a sequential one. What does this mean? Read them. Events change date and sequence from story to story so much that it’s actually very difficult to tell which book is the first one. People appear and disappear from one to the next, though most of the standard characters stay the same throughout the whole set.
  • The worst crime imaginable in the set is the act of hurting someone’s feelings. Let someone impose on you, take liberties with your property, drive you out of your own home, steal from you, lie to you, cheat you, disgrace you in public, anything, but don’t EVER hurt their feelings. This is not really an exaggeration. It’s almost funny, although not intentionally so, the lengths the characters will go to so that they can avoid being rude.
  • You can pay for anything by delivering lectures. I’ve never quite figured that one out, but it is a regularly recurring theme. If you’re running short on cash, just advertise that you intend to deliver a monologue about something, and are selling tickets, and your problems are solved.
  • Finally, there is plenty of bad poetry. Bad, bad, bad. And plenty of it. We have the collected poems of Freddy the Pig, and here is a sample from his series on the facial features:

The Eyes
The eyes are black or brown or blue
Or grey, and of them there are two.
They are arranged beside the nose,
One to each side, which, I suppose
Was done because no other place
Was vacant on the human face.

It goes on for several more verses, but you get the gist, I’m sure.

The first Freddy book we ever read.



  1. Leah (fleet) Peck Said:

    If this is my old roommate, Please find me! Oh, and I am so sorry for kidnapping your Giusseppi and holding him hostage in college. Really sorry. Oh, and thanks for giving me culture. It’s because of a roommate like you that I can sing along with all the show tunes on Glee.
    Oh, and for reading me bedtime stories.
    If this isn’t my former roommate, please let me know.
    Gee I really hope it’s you. How embarrassing.

    • kirinjirafa Said:

      WOW! Hi there! It is indeed me, and it’s all good about kidnapping Giuseppi (I think he liked it, really)

      How did you find my blog? What are you up to? This is too cool! I’m gonna send you an email.

  2. […] wife and I are reading a Freddy book entitled “Freddy and the Bean Home News“ This was the […]

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