Getting back to my roots

Well, the family reunion is over, and we’re setting into our last day in KS before home. The theme this year has been “Exploring our Heritage,” and with that in mind, I include a few pieces of my husband’s and my heritage. The yarn ball was on display at the reunion, and the story goes that my husband’s great-grandfather was a bit of a clown. When he asked his beloved for her hand in matrimony she told him she’d only agree to it if he promised never to joke again, and sure enough, he did. I find it concurrently discomfiting and impressive that he apparently held to it… at least, that’s the story. He made these little yarn balls for the grandkids, which would have been the generation before mine, and someone insinuated that maybe tinkering with little things like this was his inner ham trying to worm its way to the surface; a little creative outlet in a strictly no-joke household. I’ve never met the guy, of course, so I can only guess at his motivations, but I thought it made a good story.

It being Monday, I wanted to post some music, and thought it would be apropos to use this clip of Andy M. Stewart, in the spirit of heritage-exploration and all. He is a true icon of my childhood, with this song being a particular favorite. My dad told us he went to see these guys when they were in the USA, and (if memory serves me) that he had gotten this record at their concert with autographs from the band and everything.



  1. Renee Said:

    Glad your visit turned out so well. Isn’t lots of family great? I think I figured out your hourglass puzzle. I won’t tell you unless you ask though. Ahhhh the wisdom that comes with age (and the Denny’s senior discount that I now qualify for!!) Oh, and of course I liked the little birds. Maybe you should make some for your nieces? (Make the nephew a yarn ball!)

  2. Linda Said:

    Hey, it was so good seeing you…after meeting you too! It was a good reunion, and we are so glad you guys got to come!

  3. Seth Said:

    Sounds like you had fun in Kansas. I can’t remember the names of the folk singers, but I definitely remember melodies from childhood. But these files are too big to conveniently check out.

    When are you going to do a book review Herman Bavinck or John Frame? That’s what the readers are eagerly awaiting.


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