Kids Art- Celebrating the School-Free Summer

This was made by a four-year-old after we did a similar project together in class. She drew, colored, cut and pasted all of it by herself.

I am home again, home again (jiggedy jig), and suddenly feeling that SUMMER is upon me! I am NOT GOING BACK TO WORK FOR THREE MONTHS! Amazing… In celebration, I have made some copies of a few personal favorite pieces of kid-art. I’m seriously kicking myself for not having a drawing from one of my four-year-olds from this past year, but I think it may have gotten filed in the rectangular file folder as I was cleaning my classroom. Pity.

I believe this is the work of a second grader, although it could have been two second graders- I'm a little foggy on the origin of this cactus.

This was made by a first grader- the seed and sprout are seperate pieces of paper glued onto the page.

This is my own- I think I was in sixth grade when I did it, and I found it lodged in a stack of other papers as I was digging for kid-art.


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