Shoes, Fortune Cookies, and a little Randomness

I seriously love these shoes- they only get worn once in a while (those heels!).

Found these under a forsaken pile of laundry on the floor this morning.

Oh, I am being SUCH a good girl! I got the bills paid, the refrigerator cleaned out, and a few other things (like that unforgivable pile of laundry) done and it’s not even lunchtime. I’m really itching to get some remodeling done on the house this summer, and I just really hope I can keep up the level of initiative I’m going to need…

Two things particularly on my mind are:

  • I’ve been engineering an ironing board to fit into my wall for, oh, about a year now, and I think I’m going to get this table saw to construct it.
  • I want to make fortune cookies, and I think I will try this recipe.

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  1. […] which almost drove me to start store hopping. I didn’t. I’m so strong. I’ve got one other pair of Simply Vera shoes, and can attest that they are comfortable and easy to walk in, surprisingly enough. The Simply Vera […]

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