Joint blogging and fortune cookies!

Your peaceful nature will win you many friends.

I am delighted to announce my first tag-team blog post effort. My buddy is here and we made the fortune cookies today. They were quite tasty. A few things I learned for the next time:

1. Use the rounded edge of a cup to form the fold in the center of the cookie.
2. Use the spoon to spread the batter. With enough butter on the cookie sheet to keep them from burning, the batter will slide as you spoon it out.
3. Depending on your oven temperatures, they can come out a little cakey in the middle. The taste is fine, but the texture is more cake than fortune-cookie.
4. Don’t add extra sugar. They are sweet enough as they are. (A lot of AllRecipes reviews said to, but I wouldn’t.)
5. Move at lightning speed when you take them out of the oven. They cool VERY FAST
6. Eat them with a friend.

Be careful to value your loved ones.


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