Sumi Jo

On Monday nights, my friend gives me Korean lessons, which during the school year meant I had no time to compose much more of a blog post than a YouTube link (hence I started doing music on Mondays). Today, in honor of my Korean classes, I thought I’d share some Sumi Jo! Isn’t she fab? I’m not actually a fan of this particular opera or of the extended version of this aria, but I love how she renders it here. The story is (in a nutshell) that she’s a life-size mechanical doll someone set up to woo a man and fool him into falling in love. He, of course, goes ga-ga for her, and even tries to court her before he discovers that she’s nothing but a machine. He storms away in embarrassment to the uproarious amusement of the inventor, and bugs bunny was born… I hope you enjoy!

Also: I would like to point out that the Imogen Heap live improvisation for Ceasefire Chicago is now available for your listening and downloading and charitable-contribution-making pleasure. You can get the song by clicking here, and you can also listen to the other improvs she did- so far, my favorite is the Detroit one.


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