New Tools and a Reflection on Mortality

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I got these tonight in the hopes that the rotating-action will asist me in the precision work that my clumsy hands cannot seem to manage. Yes, I’m seriously not coordinated enough to operate a screwdriver. I’ve been trying to mount a set of bathroom towel racks (okay, “trying” is a strong word- maybe I should say “considering”), and am thinking they may be helpful. And they’re cool. I know that a funky screwdriver is kind of like a “better mousetrap.” Not really something that’s necessary, and usually a step backward, but these seem pretty solid and the concept seems legit… I think I’ll try them out when this post is done.

I am excited about my home renovation projects- today we got a catalogue in the mail from Micro Mark, and I want this protractor quite a lot.

Off the subject a little, I am now reading The Lovely Bones, having just watched the movie. It is gut-wrenchingly sad, and I’m not sure if I like the book or the movie better. I can’t decide. I’m currently rather intrigued by secular books that deal with death and the afterlife. As a Christian, I have always had a notion somewhere either in the back of my mind or the forefront of my intentions that God is the beginning and end of life and the purpose for existance. The purpose of Heaven, with this in mind, has much less to do with being safe or comfortable or happy forever than it has with being in the presence of God. Actually, the thought of spending eternity with nothing to continue on but the fulfillment of my own being sounds quite empty to me. I’m not saying this to sound holy here, it’s just the perspective I have when I approach works like this. I have to say that this element is probably the saddest part of this book for me- the notion that the dead have only their own fulfillment to accomplish after their time on Earth is over.


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