Piggy Banks

These are some piggy banks we have.

My sister in law found this at a rummage sale (yard sale? flea market?) and gave it to us.

My mom gave us this one since I like giraffes and hubby likes pigs.

Save a penny yesterday, another save today, tomorrow save another, to keep the wolf away.

I got this on the day of my nephew's birth. I fill it with pennies to put in a bank account for him. Sometimes.

This guy has blue-green glitter shoes.

Okay, this one: someone found it by the side of the road being thrown away. It's two feet tall and is probably plotting to kill us in our sleep or something. It is the freakiest looking thing I've ever seen.

My husband likes pigs and collects them. We have quite a lot of cool pig things around the house, with these being some noteworthy pig banks. I know there are more packed in a box somewhere.




  1. john Said:

    I like these pigs. Each bank has it’s own “personality.”
    Freddy and Perfect will be happy to see this.

    • kirinjirafa Said:

      I think so too : )
      btw- I updated the shoe color on the angel pig

  2. paytonpizza Said:

    Hi! I know this is a long shot. And I would hate to break up your collection. But when I was younger, around 7. My parents bought me a navy blue Old Navy pig. I was so excited, I made a formal letter and adopted him into my family. Sadly, a fee months later my mother donated him to good will without me knowing. 😦 I never found him or another one like him. But you have the exact same one! I’d love to purchase it from you if you have it and are willing to 🙂 thank you so much. I can’t find it anywear.

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