And now here’s something we hope you’ll REALLY like!

It’s a moose puzzle! I need to make a squirrel now!

Hey Rocky! Watch me pull a rabbit outta my hat!

the first prototypes

You can download and make your own by clicking here. I need a standard disclaimer- by the time I finished this, I thought someone else would like to make one too cuz they’re just so dad-gummed cool. However, I am tired of working on it, so if it’s a little wonky, I apologize. Use cardstock, if at all possible, and be aware that the head is much heavier than the body. I compensated for this by adjusting the height of the legs. Also, a few points on the directions on the PDF may seem a little cloudy. The picture compilations below will hopefully show what I couldn’t tell without writing a book.


  1. rhea Said:

    hey mrs g i miss u soooooooooooo much !!!! how are u doing ?? by the way nice moose 🙂 lol please can u come here one month of my summer vacation is done and i am very very bored without u guys please come here !!!!!!

    rhea !!!!

    • kirinjirafa Said:

      Hi Rhea! I was just thinking of you on my home from church and planning on writing you a note and then I got home and saw your comments! How cool is that… you must be psychic!

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