Some progress pics and my table saw

The polka-dot fabric is for the liner and wrist strap.

The pig is not yet finished. Sad thing- I was hoping he’d be done by now, but here are a few shots of the current status. The nose was pretty tricky and took me quite a while. I embroidered the nostrils on the front. Embroidered nostrils. Isn’t that charming? I will need to figure out what to do for the eyes- I still haven’t decided, and the fullness of time is come. The eyes need to go on now, and I don’t know what kind of material to use to make them. I also need to get a ring for the wrist strap.

With the embroidery done, I took an inverted strip of the pink fabric, folded one of the short ends to make a nice, clean seam, and matched the edges. I stitched on the line all the way around and it was a quite a pain.

The snout is complete.

In between pig sewing, I got my table saw put together. Here it is, just waiting to do great things.


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