Feeling Very American

So I missed the fireworks, but did get to chat with my mom and here is the apple pie. My husband and I are watching Seinfeld reruns on DVD and playing a Chicago version of Monopoly. If I could squeeze a little baseball in, the picture would be complete!

This was my first apple pie ever, and I used this recipe for the crust, substituting butter for the oil and this recipe for the rest of the pie, adding a 1/4 cup of brown sugar since the apples were a little tart. I didn’t put all six cups of the apples into the pie, thinking it was too much, but in retrospect I shoulda used all of them (or at least 3/4) as the center of the pie was a little flat. Other than that, it was quite yummy and I was pretty pleased with my first effort at pie making. I believe I will try this again some time- I love baking with apples.


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