A trip to the Art Institute

My husband and I went downtown yesterday to visit the Chicago Art Institute! Yay that! We spent the day with Renoir, Serat, Van Gogh and friends. Unfortunately, my favorite piece, an abstract called Vast Ocean by Günther Uecker, was not on display. Pictured above, it is a fascinating study of light and simplicity in nails hammered into a square of plywood. Seriously- it’s amazing. Since the picture is two-dimensional, it’s much less impressive than the real deal, but you can get the idea. The motion of this piece is set off by the flat white paint, isolating the depth and angle of the nails. There is only dimension and light. I try to see it every time I go to the AIC, but it hasn’t been up in a while.

On a less elevated subject, I got this cutout at the gift shop-

And it’s totally, totally cool. It’s the Chicago skyline, complete with the Bean and everything! I think I’m going to set it up in my window.



  1. Lnda Said:

    We visited the Art Museum many years ago. I was amazed. I loved it and could have spent a lot longer time there!

    Missed you guys at the reunion!

  2. kirinjirafa Said:

    It is a really incredible place. Hope the reunion went well; we really missed being there too.

  3. […] Posted on 09 Jul 2010 by johngoossen We visited the Art Institute of Chicago last week. My wife always looks for “Vast Ocean” by Günther Uecker, one of her favorites. It’s a 3 dimensional […]

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