Let’s Hear it for The 80s!

This is page 19 from the new Nordstrom catalogue. Love it!

That title is supposed to be a little reference to the Deniece Williams song, in case you didn’t catch it.

I have recently added the Material Girl link to my blogroll, and it may or may not stay there permanently, but I love it for now. If you haven’t heard/didn’t care enough to pay attention to it when you did hear, Madonna and her daughter Lola have collaborated on a line of clothes with the label “Material Girl.” Okay, as a Christian, I’m not exactly in agreement with that particular woman’s views on conservatism or Judeo-Christian values, or Christianity specifically. Let me just say that. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, I disagree with most of hers. But dang, she has good taste in clothes… Does that make me shallow? That probably makes me shallow. I’m okay with that. Her clothes are great, and this line looks very promising. I haven’t seen any fingerless gloves yet, but I bet they’ll show up. The look is 80’s themed in the words of Lola, (read that post- it’s so delightfully 13-year-old-ish, I absolutely love the fact that she doesn’t sound like she’s trying to fake being 18 or 20). As I am a child of the 80s, I have enjoyed seeing the decade worm its grimy way back into fashionable culture. I’m not ready for the puffy hairdos, they can stay gone, but the punk look is very welcome to return!

Remember wearing the cuffs of our sleeves down over our wrists? I never quite gave up on that one, and now I think it’s starting to make a bit of a come back too. I love the bracelets in these pictures. These are Vera Wang (last fall, I think), and I want to make some bracelets like the ones pictured. I’m thinking lots of big beads with a ring attached to keep them forward on the wrists. It could be quite nice, I think.


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