Monday and some junk that I like.

I have been working busily away this past weekend at a few projects: a skirt I started making about a million years ago, a mannequin on which I can get a reasonable idea of how long and big this skirt ought to be (really), some beaded jewelery, several around-the house projects, and most of all, the next installment in my purses-shaped-like-animals series… this one is an owl. Um. What I really need right now is another project. Well, here’s a shot of a ring I worked on along with a clip of a song that I’ve been listening to a lot to try and keep myself moving. I am shameless. It’s techno. There’s just no excuse for this music, but I still like it.

I bought this high-quality aluminum ring at a little junk store a while back for like five bucks or something. It was unusual and kiddish and unique, and I just couldn't pass it up.

I removed a lot of the beads that came with it, jimmied with the band a bit, bought some new beads and hung them on it instead. I am happy with it.


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