Rainbow Brite and some thoughts on refurbishing

Two bucks for this notebook and the rings. Not a bad deal! I just had to get them when I found them, considering the current trend to update popular characters from previous generations. Toys and cartoons from my childhood are all getting facelifts right now, a phenomenon I find both nauseating and strangely heartwarming.

The house where I grew up was sided with brick-red shingles. We lived there for twenty years and built so much into it: porches, a variety of landscaping changes, a toolshed and some walkways, and much more. By the time the family moved on, it was so lived in that you probably couldn’t see all the love and work that went into it. When another buyer came and took it over, no one had been living there for over a year and I can only imagine what the new owners must have thought of us- how it must have looked inside. They tore out all of our gardens, some of our trees (ugh!) relandscaped it all and resided the house with a respectable eggshell-colored vinyl. When I go home I can’t help but drive past it just to look, and the sight of it fills me with a little heartache and happinness. I don’t like seeing all of our memorials so unceremoniously torn down and cast aside, and yet I’m happy for the house because someone who loves it has moved in. It isn’t our home anymore, and I’m glad that the new owners have the energy and enthusiasm to make it a nice place.

I know this is silly, but I feel that same way looking at all these new faces on semi-classic cartoons from my childhood. These are not the toys I played with, but the sacrelige is justified to me because I’m happy to see today’s kids playing with them and making their own memories out of them. Having said all that, I was delighted to find this non-updated version of Rainbow Brite in the dollar aisle at Target the other day.
Man, I used to love this show!

Strawberry Shortcake! She's been given some jeans, a much better hat and a kicky new haircut. Actually, I think they've updated her again since this look, but whatever.

By far, the My Little Ponies were my favorite toys. I had a million of them, all renamed and given different hairdos from the ones intended. My cousin and I used to spend hours with these- I'm not lovin' the new look they got, and I can't even locate a reasonable picture of the classic pony look, but again, whatever.


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