Black Balloon

The goo goo dolls. I never quite loved them; just listened to a few of their songs here and there. I got a stack of their cds at a little hole in the wall cd-dvd resale shop nearby for about five dollars, and I’d say that’s about as much as they were worth to me. This song, however, always stood out. You can watch a better quality clip of it here.

The story goes (the way I heard it, anyway- this could be wrong) that lead singer Johnny Rzeznik’s wife was a heroine addict, and try as he might, he never was able to help her overcome the problem when she finally died of an overdose. I’ve also heard that it’s simply about a woman who dies of a heroine overdose, but whatever the case may be I find it compelling and sensitive. And that last line: “I’ve become what you became in me.” So poignant, it actually makes me teary. There’s a certain kind of pain in watching someone you love hurt themselves that this number brings across, and the accompanying video communicates that sentiment beautifully. I bet they took the shot at the end of the woman face-down in the pool from Sunset Blvd.

Now that I look at this picture, I'm sure they copied the shot. I wanna watch Sunset Blvd again now.


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