60s Haute Couture Paper Dolls

Just got these. I want every single outfit in the set, but here are a few of my favorites.

Also, I would like to mention a handy heads-up I noticed in Paste today: Prince has declared the internet “completely over.” I’m not quite sure how he figures this, but it’s good to have the warning. In this short article, he is quoted pointing out how the internet, like MTV, is simply no longer hip. There was no definition given for any of his terms here, incidentally, so I guess we’ll have to each determine for ourselves what he feels “the internet” encompasses and what exactly being “over” means to him, but I’m guessing he’s a little disheartened by his U-verse bill. That’s all I can figure… if anyone out there has a better idea, I’d be interested in hearing it.



  1. ❤ these…

  2. Rachel Said:

    I have had such a longing to wear vintage clothes lately… and to learn to sew them… I really wish I could pull of the sweet yellow one with ribbons up my legs and sweet little sandals on my toes… I won’t cut my hair since I know it would not do me any favors, but I wish I could do that hair style too. These are very fun!

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