Little wonders

It’s Saturday after a long week of (re)sewing my first skirt and not blogging very much. I have a baby shower to go to soon and couldn’t sleep last night so I’m pretty tired. This morning I took advantage of this great idea, pictured above, as an excuse to not actually have to work to produce breakfast. I chose the orange flavored rolls and regret nothing.

In lieu of the blogging that would have happened if I were a little more on the ball than I am, these are a few random thoughts that were going to get their own posts this week.

  • I’ve just discovered this website, Top Fashion Designers, and am getting seriously crazy about nice clothes. I’m starting to think I want to be a fashion designer when I grow up. The Alexander McQueen slide show is truly amazing- I never realized just how good he was until this! You have to watch it!

    Yes, this is a bizarre look, but it's so original and easily translated into real world every day clothes.

  • The new Paste has finally been printed! I can’t wait to go get my copy! This article, posted on their website, is totally cool. You should read it! You should also go to Barnes and pick up a copy of the magazine yourself! A worthy investment of five bucks- they have a bunch of music tracks from fresh new artists that you can download free, and usually a write-up about each one in the mag- a feature I always enjoy. I love seeing what’s new in the music market, and they have a very diverse selection of good performers.

    This edition's cover story is Tilda Swinton πŸ™‚

  • I just saw the movie, Ed Wood by Tim Burton this past week, and I was honestly blown away. If you don’t know who Ed Wood is, he’s the director of that cinematic great Plan Nine From Outer Space! Highly heralded by multiple sources (none of which I feel like looking up and linking you to) as the worst movie ever produced, Plan Nine is a camp classic, almost starring Bella Lugosi. I have seen this movie several times and have laughed my heart out with each, but it’s not alone. Ed Wood directed a couple truly poor films, and until Tim Burton came along to tell his story, I never would have thought much about the guy. The fact is, Burton’s movie is amazing, moving and rich with pathos. I have no less desire to ridicule Ed Wood’s movies now, but I have gained a good deal of sympathy and good will toward him having watched this. One of the IMDB reviewers called this “Burton’s grand masterpiece.” I would have to agree. It may be my favorite Burton mvie yet.

    Of course, Johnny Depp stars as the title role- and that's Martin Landau as Lugosi.

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  1. Rachel Said:

    Giggle, lol πŸ™‚ I am laughing because I am just not modern πŸ™‚ These clothes make me think of the first time I tried make-up and the first walk (ok, first attempt to walk) in high heels… if it means I can’t run, walk, eat or sit with complete comfort it is not for me… Now orange cinnamon rolls, those I like… … this dress is more along the lines I am admiring right now and I love the pocket on this one

    Hugs and Hope you are well rested… and can’t wait to see the skirt you are sewing!

  2. kirinjirafa Said:

    Oh my goodness! I LOVE these patterns! Especially the pinafore dress/apron! I wanna make one now! Have you ever seen the Tie One On blog? you should really check it out if not- sooooo fun. I’ve intended to make an apron for like the last year now, but never finished in time so I never submitted one- but this time around the theme is the circus and clowns are kinda scary to me so I decided to duck out of this one…

    and seriously… how can you think that dress would be uncomfortable? I mean, wouldn’t you like to spend an evening with those big disk-shaped things attached to you? Not to mention the ballooning hemline and i won’t even TALK about the hat… but oh my, I can’t take my eyes off of it! LOL

  3. Renee Said:

    This comment is meant for the Ed Wood article. I have seen Plan Nine from Outer Space and if anyone truly liked it for anything other than its comedic material, they are stupid, stupid, stupid! Remember that line?

    • kirinjirafa Said:

      YES! HA HA HA HA HA!!!!! Oh my goodness, I love that movie! You should seriously watch the movie “Ed Wood.”

  4. […] Houndstooth is growing on me at this time. I got this purse at the Sanrio store a year ago only because it had Chococat on it, but then after seeing this Alexander McQueen collection the black and white weave has really gotten my attention. (I posted about it here.) […]

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