Bug Photography

I don’t know much about photography, but I like playing with my camera and learning about it. Found this guy and thought he would make a good subject for some experimental little creature portraiture. I don’t know what kind of beetle he is I think he is a spotted cucumber beetle although he’s supposed to live west of the Rockies, and I’m in Chicago, but trying to photograph him was quite a challenge. He is about 3/4 of a centimeter long, and for the first several pictures I was unable to get him in focus at all. I ended up attaching two close-up lenses, to a +4 strength and then zooming in 10 times, and I think he looks pretty good. I don’t have a remote trigger for the shutter, (and need one since the biggoted anti-left handed camera manufacturers always put the shutter button on the right side) so I set the timer for 2 seconds. That meant a lot of flashing green lights, and he kept wiggling his left antenna when they started up. Since he was standing on a wall in a place where I couldn’t get my lamp, I just used the sunlight from open doors behind me, so I think he could’ve been shot a little more crisply but I’m still happy with the image.


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