Bear Claws!

Using this recipe as a base, this recipe for the puff pastries and this recipe for the glaze, I made some bear claws today that are yummy, yummy. And really fattening. I altered the recipes a teeny tiny bit, for instance the base recipe calls for 3lbs of puff pastry, but I made only one batch of pastry which came to half that. The extra filling has been put in the freezer. Also, I substituted the amaretto liqueur for a non-alcoholic syrup and cut down on the ground almonds since I only had 2 1/2 cups at home. The entire batch yielded ten 2-inch pastries and one that’s about 6 inches- pictured above. Altogether the batch contains 2788 calories and I didn’t bother computing the fat. According to my calculations, that puts each smaller pastry at about 200 calories apiece! Not too bad, really.

And, by the way, they are UNBELIEVABLY good.


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  1. john Said:

    They look tasty!

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