Some deep thoughts and a very good idea.

This painting by Ivan Albright is melodramatically entitled “That Which I Should Have Done I Did Not Do.” As the artist spent ten years painting this, I think he earned the right to make us spend ten minutes reading the title. This painting hangs in the AIC, and if you’re wondering how he got ten years out of it, go out and see it. The detail work is exquisite. My brother and I have been discussing “beauty” in art, and he has said, “Beauty is objective because God is beautiful. All beauty springs from Him and is defined by one of His attributes.” Wow. I think his statement is dead-on, although I haven’t asked him for permission to quote him on my blog (sorry, bro).

I’ve been mulling over the concept of beauty being objective since he said that, and I keep wanting to say that beauty can be simply pleasing to the senses. I know that’s shallow, but I find some things to be visually appealing that are not necessarily charming. For instance, the painting above. In spite of its dreary subject, my first thought when I saw it was that it was beautiful. With my brother’s definition in mind, I could say that God created the emotions from which we feel regret and ambition, God created the concept of communication and tension, which are exemplified in this work.
There’s a big difference between that big, sorrowful broken-down door and people slapping something together and calling it art (ahem *JACKSON POLLOCK*) so anyway. This is something I have been chewing on for the last day or two.

This makes two deep-thought posts in a week.

Well, to end on a lighter note, you know those funky little laser pointers for presentations that make such great disruptions at public events? I thought of a way to channel them into something really useful during the last couple days worth of meetings.

Okay, I confess I have been guilty of asking asanine worm-can-opening questions before, we probably all have at one point. Wouldn’t this be a good, handy reminder? You know… you’re thinking “read the handout. it’s addressed on the handout. would someone sitting near him please tell him to read the flippin’ handout so we can move on with this and go?” I’m gonna make some- I bet they’d sell like hotcakes.


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  1. Seth Said:

    Brilliant quote on beauty.

    RC Sproul said, “The Baptists care about ‘the good,’ the Presbyterians care about ‘the truth,’ and the Epsicopalians care about ‘the beautiful.'”

    Can you see these concepts in their building designs?

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