Some people learn from their mistakes…

and others of us say we will, repeat them anyway , and then proudly blog about the aftermath.

I made a navy pencil skirt since I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted on a rack anywhere. I used some wool crepe and… um… no pattern. Why, you may ask, would this woman do this to herself again? She’s asking the same thing, but really, it’s because I couldn’t find a pattern like what I wanted, so I just draped the fabric on me, pinned, sewed, draped again, pinned again, sewed again, and so on. I need to remove and reinstall the zipper in back, and I’d like to take the waist in a smidgen, but otherwise it’s just what I wanted. Once those things are done, I’ll proudly have a new wool dress skirt that cost me $15 for the fabric. Alrighty-then. I’m wearing it for an important meeting and can’t decide if I want to put it with a white button-up top and a few color-pop accessories or the yellow top and contrasting navy jacket. I’m leaning toward the white top just because it seems more comfortable than having a jacket on, but I think I like both ways.


  • There is a Hollywood rumor that there will be a Back to the Future remake. Oh my. I don’t know how true it is, but since that alone isn’t bad enough, I’ve read that there is some consideration to cast Marty McFly with Zac Efron, Shia Lebouf and (most recent thing I’ve seen) Justin Bieber! Oh mother. Oh, sweet mother. I want to circulate a petition asking Whoever-the-Heck pictures not to do this. It’s hard to tell what of this the truth and what is just people spreading rumors, so I will help out now by adding my own blogpost to the rumor mill…
    *UPDATE- Bieber says it’s untrue. I’m happy to hear it.

  • I think this post from a family member’s blog is funny.
  • Napoleon Dynamite is pretty much the funniest movie like ever. My husband and I just watched it and we keep trying to make that slack-jawed top-teeth-exposed face without laughing. So far, he’s a lot better at it than me. This is a funny scene that you should watch.


  1. Renee Said:

    Dear, if it is an important meeting, wear the yellow top with the gold jacket. You can always take the jacket off to be more comfortable (and casual if needed) but at least the top and jacket match the shoes. Accessorize for success!

    • kirinjirafa Said:

      I dunno… I still think I like the white shirt better. I think I’d be more comfortable.

  2. Cris Said:

    i say wear the white shirt. you will be much more comfortable in your meeting if you aren’t thinking about your clothes being uncomfortable
    (also, i always think wearing a blazer or jacket is a great idea, and then i try it on, get uncomfortable, and decide i’m better off without it… lol)

    • kirinjirafa Said:

      Yeah- every time I wear one it ends up draped over my chair.

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