Loving my job again.

My husband and I visited the Dr. Seuss memorial in Massachusetts a couple years back.

Me: Hello. I am calling on behalf of the school. Are the parents of Suzie Q. (name changed to protect the innocent) available?
Suzie (she’s four): My mommy is sleeping.
Me: Oh! (surprised that the child answered the phone) Alright, I can call again in a little bit when your mommy is awake then.
Suzie: Who is this? (I introduce myself)
Suzie: Is school going to be very hard?
Me: Oh no, Honey. You’re gonna love school. Okay?
Suzie: Alright.
Me: I’ll call again in a little bit to talk to your mom then.
Suzie: Okay.
Me: Goodbye.
Suzie: (starting to sound like she can’t remember what to do at this point in the conversation) Hmmm. Ummm.

Okay, I really wasn’t looking forward to starting school again. That’s just the truth, but now I’m getting to know my new families and my new little students, and it’s good to be back.


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