Porch Girl II, the sequel

I was inspired by the praying mantis to blog a bug today, and with the new spider in town, I have a great subject.

Well, it didn’t take too long- Porch Girl’s old digs on the pillar by my front door are now under new management. Meet Porch Girl II; she’s like twice the size of the first one. This morning I witnessed her in the middle of a catch and I wish I’d had time to get a picture, but I had to run off to work. She may be an ordinary American House Spider, although I could be wrong. Her web is quite orderly and orb-shaped, rather than just random sticky strands. Also, her abdomen isn’t bulbous and round and her markings are pretty bright.

I tried hard to get a picture of the web, but was unsuccessful. I put a pencil next to her to give you an idea of her size. The pencil is as close to her as I could get it without touching the web- maybe within an inch.


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  1. Renee Said:

    As long as she is all American she’s ok by me. You know MOST people would just use a broom and “relocate” Porch Girl to a new home (spider heaven). I am glad you are not most people! I had a yellow and black garden spider a couple years ago and he was gorgeous. If I ever find his pic I will send it to you. BTW, nice detail with the pencil to show size.

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