Indie and Hippie and so on.

Crafty stuff about working with fabrics and dyes- more project-oriented than textbook style, and quite fun.

I think I want to go live with the Angry Chicken lady (that’s her book above).This was her post from a few days ago. Oh my. What a cool person- I wanna make lip balm and home made shampoo and stuff! Someone just gave me a Ritchie Havens CD as a gift and now I’m feeling very hippie and indie. I wanna make my own deodorant and go protest something now. I am seriously getting email order #11.

As for my own inventiveness, I’m on and off working at figuring out how to dye and print my own fabric. I got these books out of the library and they are super late and need to go back, but are too cool to give back just yet. Portabella Pixie wrote a very informative post about designing textiles, and I’ve been sort of looking at her experience in my own attempts at producing a good cotton pattern set. I guess it would be more profitable all around to try to have a textile producer actually,um, produce the stuff, but I want to try to print it myself. Cuz I’m like that. Complicated just isn’t good enough- it has to be ridiculously complicated! I’m working on a sort of Asian-themed pattern set based on a drawing of a Japanese doll I made a while back. I’m pretty happy with the pattern ideas that I’m coming up with, but printing and dyeing them will be a whole separate challenge, unless I just opted for Spoonflower, which is really pretty pricey.

This book describes and has clear illustrations of different fabrics and gives guidelines for identifying them.

Very useful text- includes guidelines on building your own screenprinter.

This is the one I've spent the least amount of time on, but it has some good illustrations and info on working with resists and block printing.

Also, I just disocvered this blog.


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  1. Cris Said:

    can i come with you to live with the Angry Chicken lady?? i soooo want to try making lip balm and deodorant! i think emailorder #11 is necessary for me too!

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