Some Shoe Strangeness

I’m thinking shoe thoughts today- I found an article/slideshow on the Telegraph about some weird shoes, and then augmented by the fact that I’ve been wanting to post the oh-so-bloggable McQueen Armadillo shoes for a while now, well, this kind of got outta hand.

This is from the ad campaign for the spring 2010 line. Can you spot the shoes? Look hard- there's also a woman hidden in this picture!

I can’t even look at those awkward shoes without getting a toe cramp, and yet I can’t look away either… I can’t imagine the pain the runway models must have experienced strutting down the catwalk in them.

I have found approximately two gazillion other blogs out there who have compiled their own lists of bizarre footwear, and I have selected some personal favorites here. Initially, I thought I would track them down and identify the culprit designer for each, but that just got way too involved. Instead, I include these pictures and the links where I found them. Enjoy!

You can find these just about anywhere, but I like the article and pics here.

Ouch. I bet it’s hard to walk up stairs in these.

I saw these shoes, which very well may just be hollowed-out bread on this blog post.

I found these both here.

I don’t even know how to describe these- they look like little walkers to me. Spotted them here.

Okay, now, giraffe shoes and umbrella shoes! Oh yeah! Both found here.

From his blog: some of his stuff is actually a little tasteless, but the banana slip-ons were cool.

from the punky clothing site Gasoline Glamour.


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