A Good Date

The lighting wasn't great when I took this picture, but believe me- this was delish.

It’s Tuesday! Hooray for romance. I just love my husband so much; we married on a Tuesday, and celebrate every Tuesday in honor of the fact. Tonight we ate T-Bone steaks and roasted red potatoes with Herbes du Provence and chedder sprinkled on top (pictured above). Yum num num. We ate dinner with Mystery Science Theater 3000 playing a couple terrifically horrible movies: “Danger!! Death Ray” and “Angels’ Revenge,” each one worse than the other and very much worth watching. On YouTube- for free. Don’t pay for this. “Danger!! Death Ray” is a real title!! Two exclamation points and everything!! The lead character is named Bart Fargo… try saying THATthree times fast!! (Yeah, I need to grow up.)

After dinner, we ran out to the bookstore and got this book about slang. There’s a whole section on the jargon of con artists and scammers, and for some reason it just tickles me…

  • Addict: a person who falls for multiple confidence schemes and still won’t wise up
  • Rock-in-a-Box: (synonym: pig in a poke) A scam in which valuable goods, usually electronics or watches, are offered for sale on the street, cheap. Bargain hunters buy the goods and go home to find out they’ve purchased rocks, although the box itself is often genuine. The scammer uses discarded packaging from trash heaps and similar sources and re-shrinkwraps it. Sometimes a generic box with a picture of the item is substituted for actual packaging.

Classy, classy! This has been a good date.


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