A Few Random Things to be Happy About

It's delicious! It's very REFRESHING!

Aaaah, life. It’s Friday after a long week and I just got back from bargain-hunting at a used bookstore (found some good stuff, too) and a quick meal out with my husband. Now we are watching a movie, and I’m unwinding and thinking happy thoughts, and I thought that would make a good post for the day.

What’s making me happy right now?

  • The movie we’re watching.
    I normally hate sequels, remakes, movie adaptations of old TV shows and any other Hollywood mutation that smacks of such hackery, but I’m not too disappointed by the Get Smart movie. Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway are not too shabby, and the flavor of the show is pretty well preserved; the gags are quite funny.

  • Seinfeld!
    Yesterday we got some Junior Mints and watched the Seinfeld episode. They were tasty and it was fun. “Who’s gonna turn down a Junior Mint?” Man, that Michael Richards has such a knack for delivery on those lines… You can watch the scene here.

    a screen shot from the episode

  • Sea Horse Toy!
    I got this superdi-dooperdi-dooper cute seahorse toy as a gift from my husband. I love it a ridiculous lot. I can’t stop playing with it.

    My inner child is jumping for joy that I got this thing...

  • Spoon Theory Earrings!
    This blog post is where I found them, and I wanna get a pair. They’re made by Fifth Heaven Designs and don’t you wanna get some? They’re so wonderful…

    so funky.


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