The Artwork of Graeme Base

Ingenious Iguanas Improvising an Intricate Impromptu on Impossibly Impractical Instruments

I first discovered this writer/illustrator through the popular alphabet book “Animalia.” His pictures are intricate and amusing, and so saturated in detail that you see something new each time you look at one of his pictures. The animals are friendly and pleasant, even the big, mean ones like lions and tigers, with a quirky sense of humor visible in the composition of each image. I bet this guy is a lot of fun to know in real life. The picture above is for the letter “Ii.” Gotta love it…

Thomas went and ate the dice, so no one ever won.

The second of his books which I found was “The Eleventh Hour,” which is a pictorial mystery with secret codes and clues on each page. There’s a section at the end giving away the answer to the mystery, but it’s much more fun to try to figure out what happened by yourself (I got it wrong).

The Warthogs parade along the Riverbank in their newfound finery.

If memory serves me, this book is the third I found. “The Jungle Drums” is slightly preachy with a be-who-you-are, respect-yourself-and-others kinda moral, but it’s still fresh and fun as the picture above shows.

In years gone by, the house was full of birds both big and small...

From the book “My Grandma Lived in Gooligulch.”

Above the ragged reef they soared, exquisite and serene...

This is from “The Sign of the Seahorse,” my newest and as-yet unread Graeme Base book. This one and the one before it are my latest acquisitions


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