I’ve got the munchies right now, and this is what I’m having. I used to work in sales and would go to Godiva for chocolates after I had a bad customer. My boss would tell me I was decadent and to that I say why not? What is the point in drinking a bad cup of coffee? My philosophy on comfort food/junk food is that it’s too costly and too bad for you not to make it worthwhile; one should either get the good stuff or just go without.

Well, I threw together these items- the one is camembert cheese, sliced and dipped in Guatemalan coffee. The second plate is prosciutto with sliced avocado and mozzerella, and the third is sugar snap peas (there, now- that isn’t decadent). Yum, yum, and yum again. I love food. I just LOVE it. A good cheese can make my heart sing.



  1. Zahara Said:

    My stomach is growling…I am so with you on the loving food, and why waste an appetite on junk? Currently my cupboard is rather dismal, really need to go shopping, don’t feel like cooking. At least I can look at good food….thanks for the snack.

    • kirinjirafa Said:

      Glad you enjoyed it 😉

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