Lightening Up A Bit

Okay, that last post was just a lot of heavy sad thinking and I feel like posting something a bit cheerier to even it out some.

Sooo… Shoerazzi has this cool blog subject “Shoes She Should Have Worn” and it is delightfully unimportant and fun. Since Keira Knightley wore a fabulous Chanel Couture pearl-embellished dress to some premier the other day, I’ve been hoping she would get the “Shoes She Should Have Worn” post but haven’t seen it pop up yet. So I’m ripping off her idea and trying it out myself- that dress was amazing. InStyle magazine commended her accessories, but I say PHOOEY! She shoulda picked better shoes. Right. Well, MY definition of “better shoes” is typically over-the-top elaborate, so I picked some ornate shoes out here to list as good choices. What do you think?

The top shoe is, truth be told, chosen more because they cost a ton of money than because I actually love them- I think they’re nice and would be appropriate for this look. There ya go. The Mcqueens in the middle are my fav, although I guess she would probably have wanted the gold version. I think the excessive decoration would have complimented the dress rather than detracted from it. The shoes on the bottom are by Poetic Licence, a label for commoners, but still super cute and much better than those satin black pumps.


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