I Made Cinnamon Rolls

Glazed, with Edy's Apple Pie Ice Cream on the side.

Apple Almond Cinnamon Rolls!
Oh, Mother McCree, they are good. For some reason, autumn makes me want to bake with apples. I found this recipe the other day and taylored it a bit to try for myself. They were originally Apple Walnut Cinnamon Roll Cupcakes, which looked good too, but I didn’t want to go to the trouble of cupcake-ing them and didn’t have any walnuts so they are what they are.

The verdict is that they are amazing. My husband says they’re a bit too complicated flavor-wise, which they are, but I tend to like overly detailed flavorings in foods, especially pastries and such like.

This is Edy’s “Apple Pie” flavored ice cream. It is seasonal and quite worthy.

And this is a good website. I saw it on someone else’s blog today and I like it.


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  1. rhea Said:

    yummmmmmmm !!!!!!!!!!!!

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