Book Love

I really enjoy reading kids’ books, and here are a few I just got at a trip to the bookstore:

The one is called “Fever 1793” by Laura Halse Anderson, and follows the Philadelphia yellow fever outbreak of 1793 through the eyes of a teenaged girl. It’s a good, gripping disease novel; very exciting and easy to read. I got my first copy three or four years ago and have loaned it out to many kids, always to rave reviews. The copy in the picture was purchased to be part of a birthday gift.

The second book is “Princess Academy” by Shannon Hale and follows a mountain village girl from what I think is a fictional kingdom set up to look a little like Switzerland (although I could be wrong). A royal decree obliges all the young girls in her village to be trained to be presented to the prince so he can choose a wife from among them. The setting is appealing and the characters are likable; this book was recommended by a thirteen-year-old, and is quite enjoyable as such.

I also got this:

It’s a purse/bookbag made of woven recycled juice cartons! I couldn’t not get it!

What I didn’t get:

It was a sketchbook with the Undesireable No. 1 Poster on the cover! I didn’t get it. I am fifteen bucks richer and have that much more self respect, but it was totally cool. You can get one here, for a few bucks cheaper than the in-store price, but B&N’s doesn’t have a picture of it. The cover is just the poster.


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