Purses, good ideas, and a very entertaining football maneuver…

This one was made to be more like a cross-body handbag.

Well, I have produced another purse shaped like an owl! Hooray! It was meant to be a birthday present for a friend, but in actuality became a belated birthday present for a friend. (Sorry, Friend.) I did this one with a red, black, white and cherry-pink color scheme and am happy with the finished product.

A front shot of the purse.

The back side of the purse.

I tried to show the pocket on the inside- made to be cell phone sized- but the lighting is not great and this system has no graphics editing software that could adjust the light appropriately. The lining inside is all polka-dotted, as the visible bit shows, and the pocket is about four inches deep.

I’m so excited about this, although not enough to make me wanna get married to crafting. I feel an inner urge to perfect this pattern and start mass-producing them. Wouldn’t they be great? I know I’m talking about my own work here, but I can’t help loving this purse. My friend mentioned something smart the other day, though- a craft fair! A bunch of the girls who like making schmultzy crafty stuff could produce a table full of goods and sell them together… Smart idea, no? The Renegade Craft Fair comes to Chicago once a year (I think), and there are a few others like it. A group of us could collaborate on a booth or something. That could be really cool.

Also, in case you haven’t seen this yet, you should watch it now.


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