Eye Candy Furniture

a piece from my nieces' dollhouse furniture

This Thanksgiving was just ducky! A great time was had by all, and wonderful food was eaten by all, and memories were made. My brother and sister in law have recently moved into a roomy new place which accommodated the family’s coming to their house for the holiday; and their furniture is, seriously, awesome. Most of the things here were purchased on the move, and I felt they were worthy of a post. I am a little in love with their couch. Take a gander at the shots below to see why:

The gold velvet loveseat- gotten from Craig's List. I'm thinking about stealing it.

The matching couch, which I'm also planning on stealing. I mean really. This is so awesome.

This is a fine example of early prohibition post modern neo cubism. This I say because I have forgotten the made-up name my brother told me to call it. Whatever it is, it lives next to the gold couch set and is quite welcome with them.

This is the dining room chandalier.

My sister in law said she’d had a piece or two of this dollhouse furniture when she was little and found the whole set for her two daughters. These are from my nieces’ room.

Dollhouse furniture- school house deskset

Dollhouse furniture- bedset.

Dollhouse furniture- shelf set.

My brother made this. Isn't it beautiful?

As a final addendum, I was supposed to mention a couple rather impressive plants. I didn’t get good pictures of them and can’t remember what they were called or much else about them except that they looked cool and now I’m mentioning them.



  1. Angie Said:

    How much did your sister pay for the loveseat? 😀

    • kirinjirafa Said:

      No clue- I think it came from a second hand dealer somewhere. Isn’t it fabulous?

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