Some Sketches and the Secret to Happinness in Life

This is a big file, but I
didn’t wanna shrink it
and risk losing the detail.
Click the image to enlarge
the drawing so you can
read the raindrops.

Turtle with Umbrella

I was feeling a little hoarse today and drew a little seahorse on the back of some church handout in the consideration of that.

From my "Rabbits and Carrots" series. I photocopied this from the back of a form I turned in and this blurry greyscale is the best I can get. Oh well- the message is still clear.

As for the secret to happinness, here it is:

Lay's Garden Tomato & Basil Potato Chips with All Natural Potatoes and Seasonings

These potato chips are really all you need. This is happinness.

*Disclaimer* The promise of happinness and fulfilment is intended for those with low expectations in life. Others are advised to get these chips and try them anyway.

If that doesn’t make you happy, this probably won’t either but is still kind of cool and impressive. I don’t really care for this singer, but I have to admit that this is talent.


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