The New Charlotte Church Album is Worthy

You don’t know what you’ve got, but you feel what it’s not
And I wonder why you find your comfort in pain.
You could ride out the storm, make weather change.

I’ll hold you in my arms,
But you can’t feel this warm embrace.
You can’t feel the steady love from everyone that’s all around but never enough.

That’s the story of us.

Well, I got Back to Scratch by Charlotte Church and feel like plugging it. I don’t think it’s going to do very well on the charts, partly because of the quality of some of her previous albums and partly because it isn’t very commercial. If you ever read this, Charlotte, excuse my saying so, but if the fan base is dwindling, I can guess why. I was blown away by her first album, officially no longer impressed by her third, and found myself increasingly disgusted by her work as a young adult. I know it’s easier to criticize something than it is to create it, so I’m not trying to be nasty, it’s just true. Sorry.

I love this image from the album- the almost ghastly glopped eye makeup and her barely visible eyes initially look like she's trying to be goth, and after a second's glance looks like a shot of laughter through tears.

But having said that, I’ve really started feelling like I could identify with her lately. Having evolved from the tabloid celebrity to the artist who is starting her own family and trying to lay low and then getting back in the saddle with a new perspective on life- I’ve really related to her work of recent months. When she announced this album I couldn’t help feeling happy for her. I got it and I like it, although it is not a genre I usually listen to much: Nashville folk music. It sounds like Carole King and Laura Nyro with a twang and it certainly doesn’t sound like Beyonce. She says she doesn’t care if the album isn’t a huge hit… I get the feeling she means it. Back to Scratch is a lot more real and personal than any of her previous work, as I feel the song above shows. There’s something gratifying about listening to someone perform their own music, and this (unlike pretty much all of her previous music) is clearly hers. I keep playing “The Story of Us” over and over. I love that acoustic version. Really.

Here’s one of the singles- “Logical World.” To me, this is probably the closest thing to pop on the album; I think it’s catchy and it has a cool video.


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